The Lake Institute on Faith and Giving

December 9, 2014

The mission of Lake Institute on Faith & Giving is to foster a greater understanding of the ways in which faith both inspires and informs giving by providing knowledge, education, and training.

Lake Institute encourages people of all religious orientations and spiritual practices to become more thoughtful in their philanthropic efforts. By creating a neutral environment for religious and philanthropic practitioners, scholars, and the public at large, the Institute helps people to engage in reflection and conversation about the role of religion’s ultimate taboo topic—money.

Pairing on-the-ground knowledge of religious traditions with the School’s up-to-date research and scholarship from across the country, the Institute translates statistics into practical tools and strategies for use by faith communities.

Throughout centuries, faith has been a powerful component of philanthropic generosity. The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy has opened the doors to this concept by offering related teachings through Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, since its inception in 2002.  


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