Invigorating Strategic Vision

December 8, 2014

Vision – “Dream” or “Foresight”

By: David Zietlow

Joseph with his cloak of many colors in the Kingdom of Egypt was asked to interpret the Pharaoh’s dream. The outcome of that interpretation was a plan for the next fourteen years through times if abundance and times of famine. (NIV Bible Genesis 41: 25-40) The Pharaoh was so impressed with Joseph’s ability to present a workable strategy over the following fourteen years that he raised Joseph from a prisoner to the second most powerful man in the Egyptian Kingdom.

Theological discussions aside, the lesson for the value of insightful and actionable strategic plans is clear. Strategic advantage for an organization can be gained from a comprehensive plan that is properly executed. Leaders that possess the foresight to create and invigorate an actionable strategic plan are rewarded with sustained advantages resulting in growth and healthy ministry.

The key to invigorating a strategic vision is to create an actionable vision that promotes not only the execution of the business strategy but insists on leaps of progress tied to the organization’s core objectives. Today’s difficult environment drives many leaders away from their strategic vision. Day to day tactical imperatives overpower the already stressed and depleted leadership resources.

Only organizations that have weaved the strategic vision + plan + action deployment together in the fabric of their culture will continue to look forward and take advantage of opportunity leaps. An integrated transformational model that employs this strategic 4 D model systematically reviews its competitive market position, maintains accountability for results, and challenges the status quo.

Leaders can benefit from learning a systematic methodology to strategic planning along with the skills that are complementary to driving the strategic vision to an actionable plan. These skills are consensus building, visioning, delegating, goal setting, accountability, conflict management, and time management among others.

Leadership coaching can be helpful in the strategic planning process. Appreciative Coaching uses the 4D model - Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny. This model builds on strengths and focuses on abundance rather than scarcity along with considering possibilities rather than barriers.

There are several coaches within the WNCC that focus on different aspects of leadership & strategic planning: David Zietlow, Heidi Campbell, Kathryn McElveen, David Carr, and Leesa Sluder. You are encouraged to talk to each one of these coaches and find the one that might be right for your leadership development.
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