Foundations of Christian Leadership

December 8, 2014

When one is new to a leadership position within a Christian institution or multi-staff congregation, the learning curve is often steep. Leading at this level requires discernment rooted in Christian practices and tradition, as well as stewardship exercised through thoughtful management. Whatever previous experience one may have, new positions and responsibilities challenge leaders to develop their capacities in richer, fuller ways.

Foundations of Christian Leadership is a learning community that aims to help leaders cultivate the kinds of practices that are essential for transformative leadership within vibrant Christian institutions and congregations. Twenty participants will meet twice in person and three times online over the course of seven months to explore their gifts; grow in effective, strategic and theologically wise leadership; and examine what it means to be a Christian leader in a Christian organization.

Participants will...
  • Form a community rooted in Christian practices that will be mutually supportive over time.
  • Explore the concepts of traditioned innovation, transformative leadership and vibrant institutions as a way of constructing a theological framework for Christian leadership.
  • Hone administrative skills, including budgeting and human resources.
  • Adopt practices of theological reflection and action about leadership and organizations.
  • Assess institutional and individual strengths, capacities and limitations with attention paid to institutional sustainability. 
Leadership Development