Leadership Development Scholarships

October 12, 2019

The Leadership Development Team wants to support WNCC clergy and lay ministry professionals by offering scholarships to support the personal programs chosen by these individuals.  Scholarships are available to clergy and ministry professionals who have completed a Called and Gifted to Lead Workshop, a Ministry Development Consultation, or other qualifying programs (such as Flourish or B-ELI). Click here to apply.

The Conference Council on Finance and Administration has adopted a policy, endorsed by Bishop Leeland and the WNCC Cabinet, that a church requesting a grant from the Conference, District and even General Church agency, must be progressing toward 100% payment of all 2020 apportionments.  This applies toward churches and clergy.  If your church doesn’t meet this qualification, a grant application should not be submitted.  We are endeavoring to work with churches that are striving to meet apportionment payment goals and will consider requests on a case by case basis.

For more information, contact:
Kim Ingram 704-535-2260 LEADwncc@wnccumc.org

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