Financial Peace University Opportunity

October 3, 2014

13925141-mmmainFinancial Peace University Opportunity by Rev. Kathy Randall Bryant, Pastor, Matton’s Grove-Richfield “Are you in debt so as to embarrass you in your work?” As the bishop asks this penultimate question in his examination of the ordination candidates the “No’s” are not quite as forceful as the previous “Yes’s.” The candidates are probably still paying off student loans, might have a mortgage or car payment, possibly even have some credit cards hanging over them. Why did Wesley include this question? He didn’t know that an education could soon cost as much as a house, that we would have so many things to spend our money on and so many ways to spend it. We are so hesitant to talk about our money, and yet as part of our entry into full connection we are asked about something that we consider personal and private. Our money, and… our debt. As pastors, we lead stewardship campaigns and sign off on church budgets ranging from twenty thousand to over two million dollars a year. We talk about tithing, being generous with others, and giving to those in need, yet we can look at our own checking account and see little space for giving in our own lives. As we near retirement, after living in parsonages or on housing allowances for our careers, we may not have saved enough to have a home to our name. This shouldn’t be the case. As clergy, we have the opportunity to lead by example, down to how we manage our money and give to others. We just have to learn how. One of the ways we can learn is through Financial Peace University. My husband and I went through the course and learned how to live into a budget, take each baby step one at a time, and that we are stewards of God’s money. Through following the steps of the course we paid off our two divinity school debts in less than three years (at the minimum salary level). We have been freed to be more generous with the gifts that God has given us, and we want to share this freedom with others. The Uwharrie District has received a grant through the Missional Engagement team to lead a session of Financial Peace University designed for clergy expected to begin in January, at the Pfeiffer Misenheimer campus. Keep an eye out for more details. Scholarships will be available. Wesley taught that we should earn all we can, save all we can, and give all we can. Financial Peace teaches how to do what Wesley taught. I pray that we all will be able to exuberantly declare that we are free to do God’s good work in the Kingdom. Editorial Note:  Financial Peace University is also a helpful resource to offer laity in congregations.  Click here for more information.
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