The Society For Financial Awareness

October 3, 2014

Group Events at Companies & Organizations
Free Workshops with Absolutely No Selling
Increase Financial Literacy for Your Group
Strengthen Morale & Embolden Participants
Educational, Inspirational, and Rewarding
Satisfies ERISA (DOL) 404(c) Requirement
Who We Are
The Society for Financial Awareness is a 501(c)(3) non profit public benefit corporation. Our mission is to provide financial education across America, one community at a time.We are comprised of professionals, throughout the nation, with varying specialties. These professionals, and the independent businesses they operate, provide valuable services to their communities. One of the ways they do that is through informational workshops and seminars that are presented to individuals, companies, and organizations. These events are designed to educate and help them both understand and address a variety of financial topics and concerns. Our members include Financial Advisors, Estate Planning Attorneys, Insurance Professionals, Accountants, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Credit Counselors and Health & Wellness Practitioners. Founded in 1993, we have had the opportunity and privilege to work with various prominent companies and organizations across America. Our educational and informational financial outreach, and years of continued success, has provided us name recognition and a reputation of excellence. SOFA Headquarters is located at 3914 Murphy Canyon Rd Ste A125, San Diego, CA 92123.
What We Do
Our SOFA members, qualified by their credentials and personal qualifications, donate their time in the community conducting no-cost, no obligation financial workshops and seminars to individuals, companies, and organizations. Our seminars help to satisfy the Department of Labor's ERISA 404(c) requirements that many companies need if offering any type of Defined Contribution Pension Plan to their employees.We provide a wide range of enriching financial topics which have included: "Getting Fiscally Fit", "Financial Blunders", "Exploring Your Options for a Quality Retirement", to "Solving Debt", "College Planning", and many others. This "continuing" series format is designed for the yearning learning seminar attendee. Our workshop content covers a wide variety of valuable "topic-specific" information meaningful to attendees. We conduct our seminars at no cost and no obligation to the attendees. Though these workshops may generically introduce various types of financial products to enlighten the attendee on their proper purpose, it is the relevant intent of each speaker to keep the specific workshop informative, entertaining, and educational to the attendee at all times. An added benefit is available to all attendees who participate in our workshops. A no obligation meeting may be offered by the speaker to discuss how his or her products, concepts, or services may help those that have specific financial needs to address. Note: If the workshop attendee does pursue a no obligation meeting, a possible working relationship may occur between the attendee and the featured speaker of that workshop.
Providing financial education, across America - One Community At A Time.
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