Equipped for Every Good Work by Barbara and Dan Dick

September 11, 2013

Equipped for every good workEquipped for Every Good Work employs four tools that help individuals and groups discover and understand the spiritual gifts, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that influence their ability to live as Christian disciples and to lead within a community of faith.
Equipped for Every Good Work is a process, not a program. All exercises are designed to begin dialogue, not to label people. Ongoing use of the exercises can provide insight and understanding into areas of:
  • disagreement and conflict;
  • questions concerning the spiritual life;
  • the needs of newcomers in the faith community;
  • identifying unique qualifications for ministry;
  • strengths and limitations for addressing need.
As we strive to break free from the malaise that permeates our church, creating structures built on gifted people and our relationships to one another offers a powerful alternative. http://equippedforeverygoodwork.wordpress.com/
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