Iliff Leadership and Organizational Management Certificate

September 11, 2013

Iliff Leadership and Management CertificateIliff students are able to earn a certificate that enhances their ability to guide and care for organizations – the Leadership and Organizational Management Graduate Certificate. Iliff graduates have always been leaders, but effective organizational management takes particular skills and strengths. Now offering better preparation for all aspects of their careers, this certificate makes it easy for students to learn what they need to know to run a church or non-profit. Students will be able to customize 16 credit hours via one of two tracks – organizational or parish leadership – with courses designed to meet the particular needs of these groups.” Students will be able to choose from an array of courses, including “Financial Management,” “Organizational Leadership: Mission and Message,” and “Social Change and Non-Profits: Ethics of Service.” In addition, students can also take “Authentic Engagement™,” an Iliff signature course that teaches them – as key leaders – how to engage and empower their workforce. By taking the “Authentic Engagement™” class, students will also be able to denote this on their resumes as an additional accomplishment.
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