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June 5, 2013

Youth Worker training through resources and through the experienced voices of youth ministers and leaders. They believe all youth workers, regardless of church size, denomination, or level of experience have at least four specific needs in common. And they spend the time working to encourage and equip youth workers in these four unique areas:
  • Bible Study Resources: At youthministry360 the desire is to see teenagers transformed through a deeper understanding of God and His Word. ym360 is committed to providing youth workers with an ever-expanding offering of Bible-centered resources that are innovative, creative, and relevant.
  • Community: You know too well the challenges of being a youth worker. The support of a strong community is invaluable. At youthministry360 they are bringing together a community of individuals who each share the call to minister to teenagers.
  • Training: youthministry360 is committed to continually providing training for youth workers in two primary ways: resources to help youth workers and their leaders and through the voices of experienced youth ministers and youth ministry leaders by way of the ym360 Blog.
  • Networking: There are a lot of excellent organizations doing an exceptional job of ministering to teenagers, and youth workers. At youthministry360 we love highlighting these ministries in order to help you know "what's out there". If there is a product, resource, event, or movement worth talking about, you can count on ym360 to share it with you.
Phone Number: 888-96-ym360
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