Saint Francis Springs Prayer Center

February 9, 2018

Silent Directed Retreat
July 8-13, 2018    

The setting for this retreat is complete silence with an invitation for prayerful reflection, often accompanied by Scripture.  An assigned spiritual director will meet with each retreatant every day of the retreat.  The director supports the individual in the movement of God with her/him as they become aware of those movements through the silence and prayer of the retreat setting.  
Program Fee: $600 per person, single occupancy
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This state-of-the-art facility that offers retreatants a natural setting for prayer, reflection, and meditation. You are invited to spend a day, several days, or a week and enjoy the gift of silence in a prayerful environment. Spiritual direction can be provided as scheduling permits. The mission of the Center is to nurture and nourish the contemplative dimension of our life which hopefully will lead to promoting justice. They seek to offer a comfortable, peaceful environment where one can experience the beauty of nature, the sanctity of silence, and the joy of Franciscan hospitality.
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