Renfro Trust Grant

Every year, the Southeastern Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church gathers with others to award the Renfro Trust Grant to local churches. The application is now open for your church, located in a less than 10,000 population, to apply for a ‘brick and mortar’ grant of up to $5,000. 

About the Renfro Trust Grant

Under provisions of the Renfro Trust, the income from the Fund is to be used to establish and support United Methodist churches in rural areas of the United States within the Southeastern Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church. The term “rural areas” shall be interpreted to mean towns of less than 10,000, villages, and open country. Grants will be considered for projects involving new or existing church buildings only, not for parsonages. Repairs required to maintain the structural integrity or soundness of the church building may be included as part of a request. Major equipment directly related to the overall project may be included in a request. Grants will not be awarded for general maintenance of a church building or equipment. Grants for debt reduction will not be considered.

The maximum amount for each grant is $5,000.00. Funds are awarded as grants, not loans. 

The deadline to receive grant applications at the Conference office is August 25, 2022. Applications should be sent via email to Brian Mateer, Associate Director of Missional Engagement. The Office of Missional Engagement will obtain signatures from the District Superintendent and the Director of Connectional Ministries. Applications can also be mailed to WNCC-UMC, P.O. Box 2757, Huntersville, NC,28070. 


Renfro Trust Fund Information

Renfro Trust Fund Guidelines

Renfro Trust Fund Application

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Carol Bateman, Office of Missional Engagement.