Readying | Resourcing | Responding

Disaster Ministries has three priorities: Readying, Resourcing, and Responding. Resourcing refers to our work and ministry that continually aids to communities affected by natural and human-caused disasters inside and outside the United States. This includes operating our Mission Response Center, collecting and distributing supplies, maintaining response equipment, and providing grants and funding to disaster response ministry.

Mission Response Center

The Mission Response Center receives and distributes humanitarian aid items and offers staging for Disaster Response. The MRC also offers space to Project Agape.

Relief Grants

Disaster Ministries allows groups to apply for limited grants. Grants are available in three areas:

  1. Response. Response grants are to offset Early Response Team expenses. The totality of the expense must be applied for an Early Response Team activity. Early Response Team activities do not include rebuilding post-disaster phases, but are used instead for the initial phases of a disaster and applicable to UMCOR Early Response Teams badged by the Western NC Conference. 
  2. Readiness. Readiness grants are to offset training and disaster response event activities as deemed by the Committee on Relief. 
  3. Resources. Resource grants are for the purchase of tools and equipment related to Early Response Team usage. All equipment purchased by these grants is subject to a covenant trust clause. 

Click here to open the Disaster Response grant application.