Relationships and Conflict

Resources focused on creating partnerships and leading through conflict using empathy and trust. Click here for a more detailed description.
Encouraging and Enabling Healthy Change in a Congregation

This is when ministry becomes a joy.  When a person's God-given gifts intersect with the felt needs of others, and in the process lives are being changed, improved, and enhanced there results a joyous sense of fulfillment of one's call and purpose.

The Importance of Trust in Leadership
Trust is the glue that binds the leader to her/his followers and provides the capacity for organizational and leadership success.
Gaining perspective on an Argument
Greater Good in Action of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, offers an exercise as a way to practice perspective-taking skills.  It takes 15 minutes and is recommended three times a year. While the exercise is geared toward partners, the ability to see any situation from a neutral third party perspective can help gain perspective and allow you to lessen negative feelings, build connection and empathy, and ultimately improve the relationship.
8 Ways To Recruit, Engage, And Keep Volunteers
While volunteer recruitment is an in­creasingly important skill in many fields, it has always been key to the religious institutional experience. And according to the group Partners for Sacred Places, congregations have an “economic halo effect” when it comes to the value they return to their communities.
6 Things Wise Leaders Do To Engage Their Employees
In order for leaders to engage people in a vision, they have to help them capture the vision and then embrace their role. Leaders encourage people to reach their full potential as they serve in the church and in the world. This article helps a leader think through what it means to engage others in ministry – whether it is staff or volunteers.

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