Readiness 360 offers tools so that every church can multiply its impact on individual lives, on its community and on our world.  In order for a church to live up to its God-potential, we must assess and cultivate readiness for world-changing ministry.

In this dynamic era, churches need nimble leadership and cultural readiness in order to maximize their impact and blessing on the world as followers of Jesus Christ. It is not enough to “grow the church.” We need to multiply ministry. We believe that any church can reclaim the foundational multiplication DNA of the Jesus movement. Readiness 360 embodies the belief that the most fruitful church multiplication efforts come from healthy congregations with strong leadership, spiritual intensity, dynamic relationships, missional alignment and cultural openness. By taking our exclusive 360-degree assessment, any church can now evaluate the behaviors, patterns, and attitudes that contribute to success or failure when developing new places for new people or stepping out in bold risk-taking mission. There is no other instrument that measures church readiness for ministry multiplication like this one.

  • To help churches multiply their kingdom impact with their mission field.
  • To elevate the expectation that all churches can multiply their ministry and impact.
  • To provide tools which improve the sustainability and success rate of new churches, campuses and faith communities.
  • To support coaches, consultants and judicatory leaders in taking faith communities to the next level of engagement and multiplication.

The Office of Church Development pays a yearly contract with Readiness 360 to provide the churches in the Western North Carolina Conference free access to Readiness 360.

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