Orientation to Ministry

UPDATED 03/13/2023

Orientation to Ministry (O2M) is for all persons coming under first-time appointment.  It will provide an orientation to ministry in the Western North Carolina Conference by preparing participants for effective ministry in a new setting and encouraging collegial relationships.  This year O2M will kick-off with an lunch at Annual Conference followed by sessions that will be offered virtually through Zoom.  All participants must have a computer, stable internet connection, and a webcam for participation. 

  • O2M Schedule (TBD):  All Sessions are by Zoom and 60 minutes unless stated otherwise                   
    • Tuesday, May 23, 6:30pm-  Understanding Health and Pension Benefits (90 minutes)              
    • Saturday, June 17, 12pm-  Introductions and Collegial Connections (90 minutes) at Lake Junaluska
      • Persons who will be licensed this year will receive their license at Annual Conference during the Ordering of Ministry Service on Saturday, June 17 at 7:30 p.m. in Stuart Auditorium, Lake Junaluska.  Family and friends are invited.
    • TBD  6pm Check-in and Connect + 6:30 Leadership in a New Context
    • TBD  6pm Check-in and Connect + 6:30 Licensed Ministry
    • TBD  6pm Check-in and Connect + 6:30 Personal Clergy Finance
    • TBD  6pm Check-in and Connect + 6:30 Church Administration
    • TBD  6pm Check-in and Connect + 6:30 Charge Conference and Statistical Reporting
    • TBD  6pm Check-in and Connect+ 6:30 Communications and Conference Resources
    • TBD  6pm Check-in and Connect + 6:30 Church Vitality Toolbox
    • TBD  6pm Check-in and Connect + 6:30 Engaging in Mission
    • TBD  6pm Check-in and Connect + 6:30 Equipping Laity
    • TBD  6pm Check-in and Connect + 6:30 Church Stewardship and Finances
    • TBD  6pm Check-in and Connect + 6:30 Change and Conflict
    • TBD  6pm Check-in and Connect + 6:30 Justice, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Cost: $50 paid by credit/debit card at registration
  • Participants will also be required to complete the online Ministry in Ethics training or provide a copy of certification of completion of a previous introductory ethics course related to the practice of ministry.  Participants from other denominations may be required to complete additional United Methodist courses.   (full completion required by June 30, 2023)
  • If not already on file with WNCC, participants will also be required to submit required documents including a medical evaluation, psychological evaluation, and I-9 with supporting documents.  You will receive email communication from Emma Sherrill with more instruction.
  • Failure to fully and successfully complete O2M, participate in all sessions, submit required documents, and meet all specified deadlines will be noted in your file and may result in disqualification for future appointments at the discretion of the bishop and cabinet.

A program handbook with more detailed information will be included in the registration confirmation email.

Participants required to attend all of Licensing School should complete the Licensing School registration only.  If you are uncertain about which one to register for, please contact your District Office for clarification. 

Questions about the program should be directed to Kim Ingram at  kingram@wnccumc.org or 704-714-2354.  Questions about registration should be directed to Emma Sherrill at esherrill@wnccumc.org or 704-714-2342.