Ministerial Services

The Office of Ministerial Services (OMS) provides comprehensive leadership to the Western North Carolina in the areas of resourcing churches and clergy for healthy and fruitful ministry partnerships.  With a strong focus on reaching more young people called to ministry, Ministerial Services connects with both clergy and laity in developing a culture of “call.”  In relating to organizations and entities that nurture youth and young adults to explore their call to ordained ministry, Ministerial Services serves as an avenue for the Church to cultivate younger and more diverse clergy leadership.

Ministerial Services also provides resources and for the health and wellness of clergy in the Western North Carolina Conference. While developing programs and opportunities for ongoing learning, OMS offers both optional and mandatory trainings for clergy advancement and compliance to Church law. On an annual basis, OMS oversees assessment/evaluation measuring clergy effectiveness to maximize the usefulness of the process for the cabinet, church, and clergy members.

The Office of Ministerial Services also serves as a connection/resource to the Board of Ordained Ministry and the Cabinet to cultivate clergy leadership throughout the life of their ministry. The office also provides resources for counseling, mentoring, ethics trainings, staff-management, personal finance, and more.  For more information on these resources, please click the red Board of Ordained Ministry button below.  

Upcoming Programs:


Rev. Kimberly T. Ingram, Conference Secretary/Director of Ministerial Services
704.535.2260 x112

Rev. Maegan Habich, Associate Director of Ministerial Services
704.714.2335 x111

Emma Sherrill, Ministry Assistant; Ministerial Services
704.535.2260 x131 

Marsha Patton, Ministry Assistant; Ministerial Services
704.535.2260 x122


Sometimes the challenges of ministry become more than we can handle and we need to turn to others to help us cope.  The Resource Guide for Clergy offers a listing of individuals and organizations that can provide the support and encouragement and information you need to take care of yourself so that you will be able to minister to those in your care.