Rev. Dr. J. Rodney Fulcher

Notice of Death - Rev. Dr. J. Rodney Fulcher

Retired Elder
Date of Death: 1/5/2022 | Date of Birth: 1/30/1933; | Clergy
We have received word of the death of the Rev. Dr. John Rodney "Rod" Fulcher of High Point on Wednesday, January 5, 2022.  He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Nancy Ormond "Nan" Fulcher; two children, Mark (Ann) and Sarah; grandchildren: Ian and Teresa.  A family memorial service will be held at a later date.   

Rodney's service history with the conference is: 89 Sandy Ridge; 90 Midway Cir; 91 Tr fm North Carolina Conf; 92 WS: Oak Summit; 97 WS: Northeast Winston; 98 Retired.
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