The Shepherd's Fund

January 28, 2019

Are you, your spouse or a fellow clergy retiree you know struggling with a health crisis or an extraordinary expense related to healthcare financial burdens?  We have been given a huge opportunity to assist such situations with The Shepherd's Fund. 
Through a generous and anonymous benefactor, The Western North Carolina Conference is now a part of this effort throughout the Southeastern Jurisdiction.  We are partnering with other annual conferences to offer The Shepherd’s Fund for retired ministers when they or their spouse (or widow/er) encounter a health crisis or related burdensome financial issue.  Retired ministers and their spouses can receive funds of up to $10,000each,annually, to help with bills and other financial issues related to many different types of health crises!
Our clergy have worked sacrificially and may not have earned the money others in the private      sector accumulate over a lifetime. Often, after retirement, retirees may have few resources to help in the case of a crisis situation. Even those who were able to set aside funds for the retirement years may be facing large medical expenses, or other expenses due to paying for medical needs.  
This Shepherd’s Fund has provided a private, confidential way for us to assist. Applications may be submitted by the person in need, an immediate family member, or a denominational leader.  
I suggest accessing their website, There is an abundance of information and be sure to check out the FAQs section.  You may also email them at  If you desire to submit an application, please reach out to me personally and I will give you code you need to complete the process.  My contact information is on this letter.
We sincerely hope that you will help us get the word out on behalf of those who can benefit from it, especially if that person is you! The Shepherd’s Fund sincerely wants to give out its funds so please never hesitate to reach out and apply.
Thank you again for your service to Christ and to our annual conference. You are a treasured legacy to all of us serving behind you.
Sincerely yours,