Thanks from South and North Carolina Bishops

September 26, 2018

We are deeply grateful for the many expressions of generosity - prayers, financial gifts, provisions, promises of work teams - in the long recovery after the floodwaters of Hurricane Florence finally dissipate in our areas. 

We celebrate that God is indeed with us in the generosity and energy of United Methodist people offering shelter and meals and basic necessities of life while extending comfort, compassion and hope.

As people of faith, we continue to trust that God's love will triumph in the midst of anxiety, fear, loss and destruction. We give thanks for our shared ministry. 

We will communicate with you further when the waters recede. For now, we ask that prayers, gifts, flood buckets, health kits, school kits and plans for work teams continue. We are thankful for the connectional nature of our church! Please extend our thanks to the people of your area. Your churches are a great blessing to us, and we look forward to the way the connection of United Methodist people will bless and receive blessings in the long recovery.

With gratitude to God for each of you,

Bishop Jonathan Holston, South Carolina Conference
Bishop Hope Morgan Ward, North Carolina Conference