Partners in Health and Wholeness 2017/18 announcements

April 6, 2018

Congratulations: 2017 PHW Collaborative Congregations

Congratulations to the following congregations from the WNCC UMC and the NCC UMC who were a part of the PHW Collaborative in 2017 and are/were eligible for grants to expand or implement health and wellness ministries in 2017/2018. We are delighted to walk alongside these churches who are exploring what it means to engage with the health needs of their communities through a lens of faith.

Goldston UMC                                                Tucker’s Grove UMC
Asbury UMC                                                    Red Oak UMC
Hickory Grove UMC                                         Bethesda UMC
First UMC Hickory                                            Bryson City UMC
Robbinsville UMC                                            Conway UMC
Ahoskie UMC                                                   Blackburn’s Chapel UMC
Saint Francis UMC                                          First UMC Rutherfordton                                                     
Middleburg UMC/Hermon UMC Charge          Woodland UMC
Wesley Chapel UMC                                        Long’s UMC
Cruso UMC                                                       New Story Church
Center UMC                                                      Brown’s Chapel UMC
Bethany UMC                                                    Zion UMC
Beauty Spot UMC                                              Milwaukee Charge
Contact: Nicole Johnson,, 828.767.0181

2018 Collaborative Open and Mini-Grant Opportunities

Each year in North Carolina, thousands of people die of preventable diseases and almost 1 million North Carolinians currently lack health insurance. As Christians, we follow as Lord and Savior someone who is still referred to as the Great Physician; who heals the sick, guides the lost, and liberates the oppressed. Because we believe that the Church remains an institution of great influence in the community, Partners in Health and Wholeness asks people of faith to consider the effort Jesus made to show that healing and saving were about the whole person—mind, body and spirit. Will you join us?

Maybe it means learning more about the health priorities in your community, developing a health and wellness committee, planting a community garden, developing healthier food pantry guidelines, creating and hosting workshops/exercise classes/end of life care training, increasing resources for mental health or becoming better stewards of creation. Our faith can help us develop practical ways and inspired ministries that reiterate the care that God has for our communities.

Collaborative Application Cycle Dates: February 03, 2018 – November 30, 2018.

Mini-Grant Cycle Dates: May 01, 2018 – June 30, 2018 and September 01, 2018 – October 31, 2018.

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For more information Nicole Johnson at 828-767-0181 or