Means of Grace: Youth Perspectives on Faith, Technology and Community During a Pandemic

December 1, 2020

Youth Perspectives on Faith, Technology, and Community During a Pandemic - Episode No. 41

In this episode, Melissa McGill and Jeremy Coffey check in with the 11th grade youth small group they co-lead at Myers Park UMC. Four youth – Hayden, Nathan, Lucy and Bobby – share their thoughts on how faith, community and technology intersect for teens during the pandemic. We’ve pivoted in all areas of Church life this year – here’s what it looks like for this high school small group and how their Church continues to play an important role in their lives.

Show Notes - Episode No. 41

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Interested in having a conversation like this with the teenagers in your church? Here are the questions we used to guide this conversation.
How would you describe our small group (or youth group) pre-pandemic?
What was the most challenging part of meeting virtually for you?
What do you think are the differences between community online and community in person?
How is the pandemic affecting your faith?
What advice do you have for teens your age who might be struggling right now? How are you coping?
What advice do you have for adults who want to support teenagers?
What do you hope the Church learns from this?  
What are you grateful for? Have you gained anything during this time?
What is something that you’re looking forward to?

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