Means of Grace: The Power of Storytelling

January 3, 2023

By: Rev. Kim Ingram and Rev. Jesse Enniss

The Power of Storytelling - Episode No. 97

In this Means Of Grace podcast episode, Jesse Enniss and Kim Ingram talk with Rev. Dr. Myer Dahn about Rediscovering the Evangelistic Power of Personal Redemptive Storytelling, the title of his Doctor of Ministry dissertation.  Myer talks about how he used storytelling as a primary foundation for empowering laity to share their faith and start a Dinner Church.  In this podcast, Myer also shares his story and how it has shaped his call and leadership.


Show Notes - Episode 97:
Fresh Expressions
Dinner Church Resources
Luke Edwards WNCC Associate Director of Church Development and coordinator of Fresh Expressions
Hood Theological Seminary

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