Means of Grace: Spiritual Renewal, Part 1

January 28, 2020

Spiritual Renewal, Part 1 - Episode No. 8

In this two-part episode, we talk with clergy and laity in Western North Carolina about the importance of taking time to “stay in love with God.”  Each one shares a particular spiritual practice or renewal opportunity that helps them stay connected and grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus. We hope that you will be inspired to make your own renewal and practices a priority.

Show Notes - Episode 8

For more information art and spiritual direction from our conversation with Caroline Wood, contact Katie Warren

For her personal retreats, Kate May stays at Well of Mercy.

The Icon Noel Sweezy mentioned is the Sinai Pantocrator. If you would like to stay at the Sweezy cabin in Shelby for Solitude contact Noel at It's free, but has an outhouse.



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