Means Of Grace: Cultivating Life Together

August 1, 2023

By: Rev. Jesse Enniss, Director of Communications for the WNCC Leadership Development Team & Rev. Kim Ingram, WNCC Director of Ministerial Services

Means of Grace: Cultivating Life Together - Episode No. 112

In this episode, podcast guest Dr. Luke Bretherton, Robert E. Cushman, Distinguished Professor of Moral and Political Theology at Duke Divinity School, talks with Jesse Enniss and Kim Ingram, imagining how humans and creation journey with God through the seasons of life, the year, and the church. Dr. Bretherton paints a picture of pastoral theology that encourages us to think about the ordinary things of life and how we cultivate forms of life together.



Show Notes:
Luke Bretherton | Duke Divinity School – bio, books, and other resources
A Primer in Christian Ethics

Leadership Development Means of Grace Personal Reflections