December 21, 2018

Clergy, both active and retiree, recently received materials from HealthPERX.  If you attended one of the Benefits 2019 Update events or watched the Benefits 2019 video, you should recall Dr. Mark King, Conference Treasurer, sharing this new, no cost benefit to our clergy.  This does NOT replace the current plans for Health benefits but is simply a supplement.  Please do not use HealthPERX to replace your primary physician or otherwise.  HealthPERX is intended for those circumstances where it might be more advantageous over an Emergency Room or Urgent Care visit or when you have a medical question or a non-life threatening illness.  We hope the clergy will find this new benefit helpful.  And again, it is at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Participation is completely voluntary and if you prefer not to use the benefit, just disregard the mailing kit. 

Pre-registration is prudent but not required.