Council on Finance & Administration to offer grants for churches serving as COVID-19 community stations

February 17, 2021

The Western North Carolina ended 2020 in a very strong way financially, with the faithful generosity of our local churches.  We are very thankful to each and everyone who fulfill their fair share askings. To that end, the Council on Finance and Administration is setting up a fund for churches to make application for COVID 19 strategies, principally testing and vaccine administration. 

We know our congregations are being called upon to assist as stations for COVID 19 needs.  There is a cost to such in both set up as well as cleaning afterwards. Therefore, the CFA has set aside $250,000 for this effort, with $125,000 specifically set aside to assist our churches of color. 

The application can be found here

The Center for Disease Control has identified that people of color are disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore we want to be intentional in getting funds to those most affected. A task force of CFA will determine the grant awards. 

The council is also making additional grants to both our Camping and Retreat Ministries as well as our Campus Ministries. The CFA is pleased that we are able to make this impact on our communities through the churches. 

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