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Conference Staff Celebrates National Puppy Day

March 24, 2021

1️⃣Ruby is a beloved member of the King family. She is 8 years old, was born in Queens, New York. She has been a southern dog for almost five years now. She the sweetest, most spoils puggle you will ever meet.


2️⃣Thomas is a mash up of 9 different breeds (we did the DNA test!), and we like to think we got the best of all of them. He has been a part of Chris and Lindsay’s life for about a year and he is two years old. Thomas is super energetic and is always looking for a friend to play with, whether human, canine, or even feline, he loves them all. When he is not playing, Thomas is hoping someone will pet and love on him.


3️⃣Veda is a super sweet and loving Cocker Spaniel. She is about 7 years old and has been a part of Chris and Lindsay's family for 3.5 years. She mostly enjoys staying close to her humans and napping as frequently as she can. When she is not napping, she is patiently waiting by Chris because she knows he will slip her human food when Lindsay isn’t looking.


4️⃣Lydia is a rescue dog the Mateer family adopted in 2016.  She is a high energy ball of fun that likes to snuggle and bark.  She spends her days looking out the window barking at  walkers passing by their home in Charlotte.



5️⃣The Mateer family adopted Andorra early March 2021.  She is affectionately nicknamed Andi, is a Great Pyrenees and will grow to upwards of 100 pounds.  She is growing rapidly and is curious about everything, especially shoes.  The Mateers, including Lydia, are all adjusting life with a new furry friend.


6️⃣Mokii (pronounced like Smoky without the S) has been a member of the Allen family for 6 years. She is very confident in her role within our family, which is to alert us of strangers approaching our home (she is a Chihuahua—that is what they do best), she loves to cuddle and is always up for a game of fetch.



7️⃣Sadie joined the Ingram family as a puppy and turned 5 years old on March 1.  She is a Schnoodle (Schnauzer and Poodle mix).  Sadie is only 11 pounds so she’s easy to take along and never wants to be left behind.  She loves unconditionally and is a favorite family member.


8️⃣Cosmo has been a part of the Coles family for a little over a year.  She had a rough time with her previous owner, so it’s taken a lot of consistent love for her to learn to trust us.  She loves taking “sun naps”, having her tummy rubbed, and anything with peanut butter. 



9️⃣Luna and Harley are terrier mixes who were rescued by the Bateman family. They are both super playful and love to wrestle in the yard. Luna is smart, serious, sassy and loves to go on walks and swim in the pool. Harley is carefree, goofy, loves to play with squeaky toys and is a snuggle-bug, preferably when he can lay on your lap.