Clergy Compensation Report for July 1 Appointment Changes

July 2, 2020

By: Chris Hampton, Director of Web and Database Administration

Did you move to a new appointment on July 1? If so, we request that you fill out a new Clergy Compensation Report in your church or people/clergy dashboard.

New for 2020

1. We made some design changes. The layout, buttons, colors, etc may have changed in various places for better user experience.
2. You now have the option to DELETE compensations. You can do this in the church or people/clergy compensation area. Please note, you can only delete a compensation if it has not been submitted by you, or approved by your District office. This should help prevent getting locked out from having too many duplicates.
3. The report view now shows currency ($80,000). If you are using Chrome, it also now prints to better fit the page.
4. The church dashboard now has more access to previous clergy compensations. The compensations only show for the years the clergy has been appointed to that church.

Instructions for Midyear Clergy Compensation Report

1. Log into the Clergy Dashboard or the Church Dashboard. As a reminder, if someone is filling out a report on behalf of you, they should do so through the Church Dashboard. If you are filling out a compensation report for yourself, you should do it through the Clergy Dashboard.  2. Click on "Clergy Compensation" on the left menu (desktop), or at the bottom (mobile).

3. Click the red "Mid Year Start" button found on your dashboard.

​4. The first thing you will need to do is enter the date over in the top right hand corner. This needs to be the date the compensation becomes effective (most will be 7/1/2020).

5. From there, the clergy compensation form is similar to the ones you complete during charge conference season. Please check your information at the top and contact your District if you notice any errors. PLEASE NOTE: Service time is a calculated field. It will ONLY update once you put in the compensation amounts for each church. 
6.As you progress through the clergy compensation form, some parts will only activate IF you are eligible. Again, this is based on your compensation. Please fill in your compensation at the very beginning after you change the date..

7. You may save your report at any time by clicking the save button at the bottom. The report will then appear under your listed compensations in the clergy or church dashboard. As long as you have not "submitted for review," you have the option to edit or delete the compensation. 
8. Please let your District Office Administrator know when you have finished and "submitted for review" by digitally signing.