Announcement from the Project AGAPE Board

August 7, 2023

By: Cecil Donahue, Coordinator for AGAPE Donations

It is with deep regret that the Project Board must announce that there will be no 2023 Fall collection of donations for Project AGAPE.
The reasons for this decision are as follows:

  1. Project AGAPE lost its warehouse in Yerevan in July because the owners , the Armenian military, needed to use it for other purposes. Nara Melkonyan, Project AGAPE in Country Director, is currently looking for a replacement warehouse.
  2. The shipping industry is still experiencing delays that started during the Pandemic. The Board has only been able to send one shipment from the Mission Response Center to Armenia in 2023.
  3. Because the wonderful donations in 2021 and 2022 the WNCC warehouse in Terrell is full to the brim. It currently has 3.5 to 4 sea container loads of donations ready to send.
So, until the Board can rent another warehouse in Yerevan and successfully ship the present supply of donations, it must suspend all further collections.
For those who held collections from the spring and others who do not have the space to hold donated items, please choose other local or international missions that can use them. Also, please do not take any donations to drop-off points because those churches do not have the storage space to hold them until a later date. Feel free to call/text me at 336-209-5875 if you need help in this regard.
Please know that this cancellation by no means indicates that our brothers and sisters in Armenia do not have great needs. They still do and we will help as soon as we are able.