An Update from the 2021 Missional Collective

August 25, 2021

By: Erin Burleson

“People can grow towards each other; It’s a decision we have to make.” 

These were the words used by Rev. Nelson Johnson to challenge the Missional Collective participants upon their recent visit to the Beloved Community Center in Greensboro, NC.  Johnson and his wife, Joyce, serve as the Executive Directors of the Beloved Community and took time to share stories of their commitment to justice, reconciliation, and with particular emphasis on the work of truth.  

This year’s Missional Collective is comprised of clergy, laity, and ministry professionals who finally had the ability to attend an in-person immersive learning retreat. The theme of the experience was Connecting the dots of power, poverty, and privilege, and the agenda also included a visit to the International Civil rights museum, and a racial wealth gap simulation.

Participants are tasked with integrating their learning with the missional engagement programs they are leading and dreaming.

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