Bishops Leeland and Ward promote Teacher Appreciation Week

May 9, 2017

Dear United Methodist friends, Grace and peace in the name of Jesus Christ. May 7 - 13 is Teacher Appreciation Week.  We United Methodists are deeply committed to our children and public schools and engage with them energetically through Congregations for Children (C4C).  We will be eager to express gratitude to all who teach in our public schools. Across North Carolina we support the teaching profession by urging wages commensurate with the high value we place on the value of teachers to our society and providing strong administrative support. Methodists have historically been advocates for education for all children.  Methodist Churches in 18th century England and on the American frontier were most likely to be centers for literacy and health education. We believe that a strong public school system is a means of securing a hopeful future for all children.  Only with equal access do we have equal opportunity.  In addition to granting equal access, public schools offer a unique framework for our children to get to know others across racial and socio-economic lines. Please join the strong connection of United Methodist people across the state reaching out to teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. We call on our state legislators to demonstrate their commitment to improving the quality of life and education in North Carolina by increasing teacher compensation to the national average and adequately funding our public schools.  We also urge you to be an advocate for teachers and public education in your community. In all of these ways, we will show our neighbors our deep commitment to the children of our state and to those who teach them. In gratitude for our partnership in Christ's ministry, [table id=8 /]