Blackburn Community Outreach recruiting for 6th cohort

March 20, 2017

Blackburn House has been an enriching experience for many young people over the past five years. Residents have in turn enriched the community of Todd with service and tremendous creativity. This is a unique program, and like it’s rural home, it is off the beaten path. But as the 2016 election revealed, more people are aware of the conditions that so many rural communities face. Now more than ever is the time for diverse, faithful, creative young people to live and serve in rural communities ready to sustain the important work that’s already being done in those places, and bearing witness to Jesus’ love, hope, and inclusivity. We believe that you are connected to young people and we need your help spreading the word about this invaluable program to those individuals or groups.  This is the information that you can share with your colleagues, students, and friends. We invite you to share the attached information in three ways: 1) to directly invite young people you know to consider this “gap year” residential program; 2) to blast this invite over your social media and email outlets; 3) print and post on bulletin boards.

Blackburn House Information Letter Blackburn House Application Printable Postcards