New Take on the Bible with a British Accent

June 1, 2016

Six new short films offering a contemporary slant on Bible stories have been funded by the Methodist Church in Great Britain, which calls the films “provocative, entertaining and often controversial.” Produced by Applecart, the films were released May 31. Applecart has been in existence since 2008. Formed by Peter Moreton, an actor, writer and composer and Phil Summers a storyteller and theologian, Applecart began by exploring classical texts. Their aim was to release these classic works of literature from the shackles of their original constraints and reveal their social-political nature, as well as their humor and warmth. Their vision is:  "We aim to tell stories that challenge injustice and prejudice and bring people together on a global scale…" They have six new videos available online at: Short Film Series. The first film is available with a study guide and is available as a free download. It is a retelling of Jesus' parable of the vineyard workers.