A Letter to All of the Clergy of the WNC Conference

November 9, 2016

November 9, 2016 Dear Friends and Colleagues in Christ: This letter is a personal word I wish to share with all who serve the Church following the results of our national election for President of The United States.  It is a word that I share with those who have been a pastor for years, and it is a word that is offered to those who are beginning their ministry. The election of Donald Trump as President elect has created numerous speculations and uncertainties regarding our national future.  In this moment of political transition it is natural for us reflect on the role of the Church.  For some, the voice of the Church may have appeared diminished over recent years, yet this moment in time calls us to reflect on how we will be Light in a world filled with fear.  How might we be “salt” in such a moment as this?  My letter to you is not a political letter, it is an invitation for you to think of how we will be the Church, reminding others of whose we are and who we are in the world – the Children of God. How can we claim the power of Jesus at this time? As we prepare worship for this coming week, we have an opportunity to remind our congregations of the importance of being in God to serve the world, rather than simply ministering in the world trying to serve God.  We can remind one another that we are the people of Christ by pointing others to God by our conversations, by our actions, by living the Three Simple Rules, and staying close to God.  Simply experiencing the means of grace without being graceful toward others will not be enough.  We can remind others that God is with us; the God of the universe. Through worship and prayer we can invite our church members to remember that every conversation becomes a moment to remind the world that the Children of God are among us, calling us to a greater Kingdom.  We will only have the energy to proclaim God if we find the fuel and energy to do so by immersing ourselves in the means of grace.  I share this simple letter with you as a means of pointing us toward conversations with our church members that will make a difference through our own courteous behavior and practicing the means of mercy.  While it may seem like a simple thing to do – to remind others that we are the Children of Light – it is a profound opportunity to point others to the ultimate will of the Creator God under whose providence we live. Thank you for your service, your ministry, and for your witness – both in word and behavior.  I am grateful for you. With Hope in God, Paul L. Leeland