Affirm UM Clergywomen- A Gift That Keeps on Giving

December 14, 2015

Give a Gift graphic_0Show That Your Church Affirms UM Clergywomen's Leadership! Pastors! Please share this giving opportunity to UMW and the Mission Committee of your church. In August, 2016, we will be celebrating 20 years of Deacon's ordination and 60 years of Elder's ordination of women. For this worldwide gathering, we are offering your church several options to give and affirm your support for clergywomen. For your generosity we will list your church as a sponsor of the 2016 Global UM Clergywomen Gathering in our program book and display your church's name during the event. The giving options for your church are the following:

  1. To support one clergywoman with a minimum salary or a seminarian from the US: $300
  2. To support one clergywoman from Africa, Europe/Eurasia, and the Philippines: $700
If you are interested in supporting a clergywoman please contact or send your check to:

GBHEM Attn: Clergy Lifelong Learning P.O. Box 340007 Nashville, TN 37203-0007

Give An Individual Christmas Gift for a Clergywoman Your personal tax deductible gift will give a voice to a clergywoman who would not otherwise be able to attend the 2016 Global UM Clergywomen Gathering. You will empower her to share her vision of a Worldwide Church and invite her to join the great cloud of witnesses - strong and prophetic clergywomen from around the world. Your contribution is a springboard to developing worldwide leadership by UM clergywomen in the 21st century! Help to "Birth the Worldwide Church" by sponsoring a global clergywoman leader now. Click to Give a Gift Today!

Global UM Clergywomen Gathering 2016

When: August 29-31, 2016 Where: Hilton-Americas Hotel and Conference Center, Houston, TX, USA Theme: “ONE: Birthing a Worldwide Church”