Jews, Muslims and Christians Will Unite at Lake Junaluska Peace Conference

November 4, 2015

bannerLake Junaluska, N.C. — Next week Jews, Muslims and Christians will gather at Lake Junaluska to promote peace. The Lake Junaluska Peace Conference is four days of workshops, yoga, prayer, lectures, worship, meditation and music, with the goal of advancing the work of reconciliation and peace in the world. Registration is still open for the conference, which will take place Nov. 12-15 at Lake Junaluska. The event is led by notable peacemakers from all three Abrahamic faith traditions, including Rabbi Or Rose, Rabia Terri Harris and Rev. Sam Wells. The speakers will discuss universal spiritual roots that support the search for peace in the world, and what it means to be peacemakers. The theme of this year’s conference is “Longing for Peace/Exploring the Heart of God.” “I hope that participants leave with a renewed sense of how bound together we are in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faith traditions,” said Bishop Charlene Kammerer, who is chair of the design team for the Peace Conference. “I sincerely believe that God is counting on all of us to help bring peace for God's world and all his children.” One of the highlights of the conference is a concert by Yuval Ron, an internationally renowned musician. The concert on Saturday, Nov. 14 is open to the public. “We are honored to have Yuval Ron performing at the Peace Conference this year,” said Garland Young, one of the event organizers. “In addition to being an incredibly talented musician, he is a true peace activist who is working to build peace between followers of all faith traditions.” All who are interested in promoting peace are invited to attend the concert and the conference. For more information or to register, visit, email or call 828-454-6682.