UMCom produces "Embrace Love" resources

August 18, 2017

United Methodist Communications, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, has been busy this week after the events in Charlottesville last weekend.

Below are a number of resources that you can use in your churches and small groups for discussing the issues of racism and reconciliation.

  1. They developed several articles, listed below, which cover the incident but also provide help and guidance on various fronts.
2. View the full page ad in The New York Times and USA Today from August 16th.

3. They created video ad spots on denouncing racism. View the :60 video and :30 video. (Consider sharing these through social media).

4. They launched a comprehensive landing page at that provides up-to-date content on the response from across the church, including resources and helpful tips.

5. They distributed Bishop Ough’s statement and press release widely within the church. We shared UMW's statement on PR Web. 6. They created/posted a "Love one another" meme at The United Methodist Church Facebook page Sunday night, which had reached nearly 1.4 million people by Thursday and garnered more than 167,000 engagements. We followed it up with a Facebook video campaign that launched yesterday. So far, it has reached more than half a million people and the video has been viewed 241,000 times.