Disaster Response Update- South Carolina Flooding

October 5, 2015

canaan-flood-730x332Over the weekend, torrential rains from weather systems, including Hurricane Joaquin,  inundated parts of South Carolina and the coast of North Carolina. Though the hurricane did not hit landfall in the U.S. the combined effects of other weather systems brought record rainfall that has caused extensive flooding. Western North Carolina experienced some minor flooding and damage, and the Conference Disaster Response Team, led by Ken Anderson worked over the weekend preparing for the days ahead with phone calls, monitoring and communicating with other Conference Disaster Response leadership. Here is Tuesday's update from Ken Anderson to the Bishop, Cabinet and District Disaster Response Coordinators:

The WNC Conference Disaster Response Update: October 5, 2015

NC Emergency Management Office reported only minor flooding issues for entire State with exception of agricultural issues due to flooded fields.

I have been in conversations with the South Carolina Conference UMC Disaster Response Coordinator. They are still assessing the situation and as you're aware of the news reports the flooding is devastating. We are working to ship as many flood buckets as they request as soon as they identify a place to ship them to. I

caution teams not to go to South Carolina until they make an official request. I am sure a Call Center will be up as soon as possible to coordinate and schedule Early Response  teams going in to help.

Rev. Steve Cheney is working on scheduling ERT training for volunteers who like to assist South Carolina. I will put that information on all media platforms we have as soon as it is developed.

Meanwhile expect your District Disaster Response Coordinators to give further instructions for those who volunteer.

In this moment the best thing we can do is pray for our sisters and brothers in South Carolina as we await further tasking. Secondly, we can give to the UMCOR U.S. Disaster Response Advance #901670 (see more directions below). This allows UMCOR the maximum flexibility to assist South Carolina in their time of need.

They were gearing up to assist North Carolina. Now we're gearing up to help them. That how God's love works. They are not alone in this tragedy. We are with them.

Grace and Peace, Ken Anderson WNC Conference Disaster Response/Domestic UMVIM Coordinator Cell phone (828) 260-3724

Churches in Western North Carolina can receive offerings for Disaster Response in South Carolina and designate it for UMCOR Advance #901670 through their local treasurers with their regular remittances to the Conference Treasurer. Until a specific number is assigned, this is the most efficient way to assist those in need. Remember that our gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing have paid for the ongoing work and administration of UMCOR.

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