75 Ways to Celebrate UMCOR's 75th Anniversary

February 5, 2015

umcorUMCOR has developed 75 creative ways you can involve your church community in celebrating UMCOR’s 75th anniversary. The 75 suggestions include: holding a mission celebration for UMCOR’s 75th anniversary; sponsoring a 7.5-mile relay with proceeds going to UMCOR; using resources from the Pastor’s Toolkit during a worship service, and organizing a “Pray for UMCOR Day” at your church, plus so much more. Whichever activities you use, honor the 75 years of UMCOR’s relief work by recalling its years of service and making a contribution to One Great Hour of Sharing, which directly funds UMCOR’s administrative costs and supports all UMCOR’s work. To mark the 75th anniversary, there will be a special celebration on March 15, One Great Hour of Sharing Special Sunday, March 15, 2015. Watch for more information on UMCOR’s website and Facebook page.