2022 Annual Statistical Report Update

December 5, 2022

By: R. Mark King, Conference Statistician

RE:       2022 Annual Statistical Report

Greetings this Advent season. I know it is a very busy time for our pastors and churches, but I wanted to share about the Annual Year End Report for 2022 in advance. More information will be forthcoming in January.

As you know, January launches the annual year end reporting cycle. GCFA (General Council on Finance and Administration) manages the EZRA platform that we have used for our reporting. Alas, EZRA has served its time and will be discontinued. A new system, ACStats, will take its place and be the platform for 2022 reporting. 

Please see the brief video that describes how ACStats will work. The statistical questions asked are identical to previous years, and the only changes are how you access the platform and some slight design upgrades. We are confident you will find familiarity with the system while enjoying some design and quality improvements to make the process a little simpler. We will open ACStats for reporting on Tuesday, January 3, 2023. A more detailed instruction letter will be posted on the website with specific instructions. 

Due to the change, I am extending the due date to have your report to your district office (Final Submit) to Wednesday, February 15, 2023. 

Once you have finished in ACStats, you will need to return to your church’s Dashboard at https://www.wnccumc.org/dashboard and after logging on select “Submittable Forms” and then click “Year End Signature Page” to be electronically signed by the following:

  • Pastor in charge
  • Lay Leader
  • Treasurer
with all three attesting they have reviewed the entire statistical report and validating/confirming its accuracy to the best of their knowledge. As with last year, this does not need to be printed, only filled out electronically. 

I sincerely appreciate your efforts and look forward to another successful year of statistical submissions! Let me know if I can assist or serve you.
R. Mark King
Conference Statistician