The Listening Post: AC 2023

May 18, 2023

By: Mind, Body and Spirirt

Partners in Health and Wholeness in collaboration with CareNet Counseling are offering listening sessions, and mental health assessments at the annual conferences of both the Western North Carolina Conference and North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church. Clergy and laity continue to experience high burnout rates, as well as high rates of anxiety, stress and depression. A foundation of our wholeness is mental health, which includes our individual and community-wide mental health. Faith leaders and faith communities are not only impacted by mental health concerns but have an incredible opportunity to foster compassion and inclusion for all.

Our hope is to provide a space for clergy and laity to talk with a certified therapist, counselor, and/or social worker who can provide a space for listening, a space for providing some direction of what next, on the spot anxiety and stress self-assessments, and advice on how to navigate the referral services available through conference health insurance plans. 

To sign up for a Listening Session please visit and select an available time here: WNCCUMC: Partners in Health and Wholeness & Carenet Counseling: The Listening Post: WNCCUMC ( and for NCCUMC: Partners in Health and Wholeness & Carenet Counseling: The Listening Post: NCCUMC ( After signing up for a time slot, the location for the session will be sent to you.

To learn more about the mental health advocacy work that we do, and available resources for your congregation you can visit us here: Mental Health Advocacy - Partners in Health & Wholeness ( To learn more about CareNet Counselling you can visit here: Home - CareNet Counseling (

The Partners in Health and Wholeness Team

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