Free Advent Worship Resource

November 8, 2021

The Both/And Hybrid Worship Initiative is pleased to offer a FREE Advent worship resource to any church within the WNCC. This has been made available from Jason Moore of Midnight Oil Productions, who is sharing an Advent resource he created a few years ago with our Conference through the Both/And Hybrid Worship Initiative. Recently, some creative worship planners from around our Conference met with Jason to retool this resource to include specific ways Both/And hybrid worship practices can be utilized in it. We have discovered that the language we use, as well as the way we utilize interactive chats and offer tangible worship responses, really connects Both In-person AND Online participants.  
We recognize that most of you have probably already done your Advent worship planning for this year!  We also know there are some of you who might be tired, creatively tapped out, and/or at your best with last-minute creative work!  If you are one of those  - or, you want to put this resource in your back pocket for future Advent planning, then this resource is just for you! 
“Unwrapping Christmas” is a theme-based Advent series covering 4 Sundays plus Christmas Eve. Included are theme-based still images, backgrounds, video bumpers, introductions for each service, bulletin covers, prayer prompts, music suggestions, interactive components, and more!  (Sorry, we didn’t write the sermon for you, but we provided a great start!)
May God Bless you wherever your Advent worship takes you this year. 
If you are interested in receiving the “Unwrapping Christmas” Hybrid Worship Resource, send your request to Candy Caron. She will respond with a link. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Rev Rob Hutchinson.


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