Carolina Black Clergy COVID Webinar Series

July 1, 2020

Recover. Restore. Retreat.: A Collaborative COVID-19 Ministry of Self-Care, Social Media Responsibility, & Social Justice for Carolina Black Clergy & the Neighbors We Serve

In the African spirit of Ujima, the annual conferences of the Carolinas of The United Methodist Church have partnered together to offer a 12-part webinar series to: 

  • Address 1) self-care and care of neighbor, 2) social media ministry, and 3) social injustices (e.g. health, economic, social) pertaining to the pandemic so that fruitful ministry can bring discipleship growth amid a pandemic;

  • Introduce both clergy and laity to local, state, and national leaders who bring subject-matter expertise in the areas of 1) self-care, community & mental health, and spiritual practices (clergy only); 2) social media platform engagement; and 3) community activism; and, 

  • Engage in collective work and responsibility by modeling faithful stewardship in a collaborative ministry that aligns with the unique and distinctive social location of black pastors and the neighboring communities we serve. 

These weekly Tuesday webinars, sponsored by the North Carolina Conference, South Carolina Conference, and the Western North Carolina Conference, will be offered July 7 through September 22, 10am-11am EST, via Zoom at no cost to the participant.  Laity are also invited to join in most of these sessions; however the July 7 through August 4 sessions are reserved for CLERGY ONLY.  Weekly registration is required.

Contact:  Chris L. Brady,

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