Churches’ Week of Action on Food: “God’s Promise of Abundance"

October 9, 2019

By: Rev. Judy Bors Davis

Pray. Reflect. Act together for Food Justice.
Our God provides abundantly for the well-being of all people around the world. Yet, there are great disparities and injustices that keep millions of people from having access to healthy, sustainable food: More than 820 million people around the globe do not have enough to eat!

  • Despite the fact that enough food is produced for every human to thrive, and
  • Despite the significant progress that has been made in recent decades in reducing malnutrition and poverty around the world
  • The lives of children and families in low- and middle- income countries, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, are the most severely impacted
  • Yet, even in the US, food insecurity and hunger impact the lives of 1 in 9 people
Our global Methodist family is joining together with the ecumenical community around the world for the Churches’ Week of Action on Food( October 13-20, 2019). During this week, faith communities are encouraged to join together to pray and reflect, learn more about the causes of persistent hunger, and become active in our communities in witness to God’s love and provision for all people. 
The week was launched with an ecumenical service of worship at the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Center in Geneva, Switzerland. Prayers were lifted up for all those who hunger and for all who are engaged in ministry alongside of them.  
Resource materials are available from the World Council of Churches’ website:
The theme of “God’s Promise of Abundance,” is based on Jesus’ parable of the great banquet.
Developed in partnership with the World Methodist Council, these materials feature insights and reflections from global ministry partners (Africa, Latin America, Europe, Philippines, US), including participation by two of our WNC conference clergy.  Also included are prayer and worship ideas and links to additional resource information. 
Materials will remain available for use at any time during the year that churches may find the resources beneficial.

Follow Jesus. Make Disciples. Transform the World.