Mentoring Pew Sitters into Servant Leaders

July 2, 2019

By: Developing Servant Leader Volunteers Through Mentoring” Led by Rev. Dr. Michael D. Kurtz

Sessions include:
1. A look at, and assessment of, the issue/dilemma of why people do not volunteer?   And, re-forming and re-framing our style of recruitment...
2.  The Necessity of Pruning (Programs, ministries, poisonous and dysfunctional)
3.  Being Intentional and Pervasive concerning Mentoring Ministry and Establishing a mentoring culture
4.  Implementing a Mentoring Process

3 Session begin September 17 in Candler NC 

A team from each church is ideal --- Pastor or Ministry Professional and 2 - 4 Lay Persons.  Leaders alone are welcome.

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