Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries Sunday Offering

August 7, 2018

Dear Colleague:
August 26th is Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries (DBOM) Sunday.  On this date, a special offering will be received to support DBOM’s ministry. Please support this effort in your church on the 26th or a date of your choosing. 
Envelopes have been provided to each charge based on average worship attendance.  Envelopes that were not picked up during annual conference have been delivered to the district office.  Please contact your district secretary and arrange  to pick up your envelopes.           
Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries (DBOM) stands at an exciting threshold! In additional to DBOM long-standing work in North Carolina, DBOM is currently operation in Virginia, Tennessee, Illinois, Louisiana and Texas. DBOM continues to expand her work these states and is launching a new initiative in Indiana!  All of this is due to the support of our churches. There is no end to what God is doing as more and more Christians reach out in love to the prisoner!
In the midst of DBOM national expansions,  NC has eliminated state funded chaplains in our prisons. NC prisons officials are now asking local volunteers to provide the ministry once offered by these chaplains. This adds a new level of responsibility for our DBOM volunteers. Now, more than DBOM is needed to lift up Jesus Christ in the prisons and offer sound Biblical teaching to the inmates. DBOM is up to the challenge! DBOM stands ready and willing to provide this much needed ministry, but we need your continued support. We can all be partners in this exciting work through our prayers, by volunteering in the prisons and by offering of our financial gifts. 
Thank you for your for this important offering. Please visit www.disciplebibleoutreach.org for the following promotional tools.

1.  Support Letter from Bishop Leeland
2.  Downloadable Bulletin insert
3.  Talking points
Mark Hicks, Director

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