Annual Conference Daily News- June 24, 2018

June 30, 2018

Annual Conference Daily News
Sunday, June 24, 2018

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The petitions in the Supplement Book were dealt with in the order below.  See (pp. 37-39) .  Here are the results:

Petition 19- PASSED after discussion and debate
Petition 18- PASSED after discussion and debate
Petition  21- PASSED after discussion and debate
Petition 20- Ruled by the Bishop, not properly before the body and it was not taken up by the conference

Proposal: Reunite Immigrant Families 

Whereas, the United States government recently implemented a coercive “zero tolerance” policy resulting in the traumatic separation of children from immigrant parents and the subsequent incarceration of children in detention centers; and

Whereas, the President of the United States signed a subsequent Executive Order ceasing this separation, yet omitting any language about the children previously separated and housed in detention centers; and

Whereas, God instructs us to not oppress the alien among us (Leviticus 19:33-34) and care for the least among us (Matthew 25:40); and 

Whereas, ¶162.H of the The Social Principles of The United Methodist Church state, “We oppose immigration policies that separate family members from each other or that include detention of families with children, and we call on local churches to be in ministry with immigrant families.” (The 2016 Book of Discipline); therefore, be it

Resolved, that the Western North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church, in the name and Spirit of Jesus Christ, shall respectfully request the US Department of Homeland Security and the US Department of Justice to reunite children with their families who had previously been separated by the United States government due to the “zero tolerance” policy in an expedient, humane, and compassionate manner.

Submitted by: 

Rev. Kathy Randall Bryant
The WNCC Young Clergy
The WNCC Justice and Reconciliation Team

This petition PASSED after discussion and debate


2018 Appointments will be posted on Sunday after Bishop Leeland has fixed the appointments in closing worship.  There will be a working link on the top of the left menu of AC2018 entitled "2018 Appointments".  They will also be posted on social media.

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-168 people responded to the call for starting a Fresh Expression in their community on Saturday afternoon.

-$900 dollars was raised for UMCOR Relief efforts in Puerto Rico by the Emory Club 5K


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