Mission Partnerships

Conference Partnerships are vetted by the Mission Engagement Team to ensure John Wesley's three general rules are practiced:  (1) Do good (2) Do no harm (3) Stay in love with God (“practice the ordinances”).

Additional criteria include: 

  • Multiple WNC local churches, nonprofits, and/or parachurch organizations involved for the purposes of connecting, collaborating, and engaging in ministry together. 

  • In country/local community leadership is instrumental in all decision making 

  • Key stake holders place a high value in moving from relief practices toward empowerment models promoting dignity and sustainability 

  • Partnerships operate with financial transparency


Would you like for your church to be involved in a conference partnership and or Mission Journey?  Are you involved with a ministry meeting the above criteria that should be considered by the WNC Mission Engagement Team as a conference partnership? 

Questions? Contact Brian Mateer, Director of Missional Engagement, (704) 714-2340