Members of the Board of Laity

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John Crane, President - Conference Lay Leader

Joanie Strohm, Ex-Officio - President, United Methodist Women

Vacant - Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministries

William Waddell, Ex-Officio - President, United Methodist Men

Don Hyler, Ex-Officio - Conference Prayer Advocate


Kenny Bumgarner, At-Large

Penny Ledbetter, District Lay Leader

Russ Darnall, District Lay Leader

William Parrish, Treasurer

George Eubanks, District Lay Leader

Angela Webster, At-Large

Dorian Palmer, At-Large

Pati Graham, At-Large

Tim Hoffman, District Lay Leader

Kathy Odell, District Lay Leader

Louretta Howze, District Lay Leader

Kylee Rose Frye, At-Large

Kim Eller, District Lay Leader



Mark Ralls, Ex-Officio, Non-Voting - Cabinet Representative: District Superintendent

Christine Pharr, At-Large

Nick Hall, Ex-Officio - Co-President, Conference Council on Youth Ministries

Rebecca Langston, Ex-Officio - Co-President, Conference Council on Youth Ministries