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Means of Grace, a podcast from the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church, equips church leaders through expertise and examples. Every week, we feature local experts on a variety of topics from leadership to innovation and share examples of churches in our conference reaching their communities in new ways through mission engagement, Fresh Expressions and much more. Rev. Kim Ingram, Rev. Luke Edwards, Jesse Enniss, Melissa McGill, Caroline Wood and Brian Mateer host. 

Our goal is to equip church leaders through expertise and examples in Western North Carolina. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, defined Means of Grace as the outward signs, words or actions that are the ordinary channels conveying God’s grace to the souls of people. We break them into two categories – works of piety – like prayer, studying the scriptures, worshiping together and sharing in the sacraments – and works of mercy – doing good works, visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, seeking justice, and working to end oppression and discrimination. So when we’re talking about leadership or discipleship or an outreach initiative, it’s about more than doing a program well, it’s a means of God’s grace to the world.

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Means of Grace: Healing and Hope in Anxious Times

In this episode of the Means of Grace podcast, hosts Jesse Enniss and Kim Ingram talk to Rev. Katherine Sherrill, a therapist, and United Methodist deacon, about the pervasive state of anxiety in our lives. They discuss how our relationship with God ...

Means of Grace: Offering Gratitude for Our Cloud of Witnesses

On this week's episode of the Means Of Grace Podcast, we spend some time thinking about the people who have shaped our personal faith, and the faith of our Church. We remember the saints of scripture and the saints of our stories. We offer gratitude ...

Means of Grace: Church in Reverse with Rev. Rob Parsons

What could it mean for our congregations, for our communities, if we flipped the script on how we “do church”? In this week’s episode Rev. Rob Parsons, pastor of Saluda UMC and a new church start called WithALL, shares how these two congregations are...

Means of Grace: Connecting with Others - Changing the Community

In this episode of the Means of Grace podcast, Jesse Enniss and Kim Ingram talk with the Rev. Dr. Cathy Davis and the Rev. Dr. Heather Kilbourne about their DMin learning connected to community engagement.

Means of Grace: Re-membering the Body of Christ: The Church and Justice

In this conversation with Susan Heafner-Heun, she talks with Jesse and Kim about the opportunity for a church to connect with the needs of the world through ministries of justice. They discuss the difference between service and justice and Susan ...

Means of Grace: The Heart of Our Calling with Dr. Sam Wells

In this episode, we have a guest host, Parker Haynes, pastor of Trinity UMC in King, NC and member of the Leadership Development Team. He interviews the Rev. Dr. Samuel Wells, Vicar of St. Martin-in-the-Fields in London, parish priest of the Church ...

Means of Grace: Showing Up: Advocating for the Poor and Marginalized - MOG Ep. No. 88

This edition of the Means of Grace features a conversation with Rev. Joel Simpson, pastor of First UMC in Taylorsville, NC. Joel has a heart for justice and the poor and marginalized. In April, Joel, along with Shane Claiborne, led participants ...
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